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Adam Sandler Is Building an Army

High School High Jinks: Adam Sandler is making all his friends do a movie with him: Along with the Sand-man, Chris Rock, Kevin James, Rob Schneider, and David Spade are all in negotiations for an untitled Columbia Pictures comedy. Sandler co-wrote the screenplay with Fred Wolf, a story about five high-school best friends reuniting 30 years later for a Fourth of July weekend. Our only question: Did Sandler lose Norm MacDonald’s phone number? [Variety]

Woody Goes Back to Work: Woody Allen will begin shooting his next film in London this summer, right about when his latest project, Whatever Works, hits theaters. There is no information on the title or plot details, but we do have some actors: Josh Brolin and Anthony Hopkins will be part of an ensemble cast. Let us be the first to float the inevitable rumors of a steamy onscreen two-way. [Variety]

Welcome to Queensbridge: Nas is recording a new album with Damian Marley, with a spring release date targeted; the two have been recording in Los Angeles over the past few weeks. In other news, demand for marijuana has risen sharply in the Los Angeles region in the past few weeks. [Billboard]

Crime Pays: The Departed screenwriter William Monahan will direct an adaptation of career criminal Myles Connor’s upcoming memoir, The Art of the Heist; Connor was a rock musician and art connoisseur who moonlighted as a major art thief in Boston during the sixties and seventies. This already sounds more badass than Monahan’s first announced directing project, so please, don’t cast Keira Knightley as Connors. [Variety]

Hilary Swank, Attorney at Law: Sam Rockwell has joined the cast of Betty Anne Waters, the true story of a single mom (Hilary Swank) whose brother (Rockwell) was convicted of a murder-robbery in 1983 and then spent the next decade earning a law degree and fighting the case. Ms. Swank, you might as well start looking into more shelf space now. [HR]

Snoop Does Late Night: Snoop Dogg will host Dogg After Dark, a variety show with celebrity interviews, sketch comedy, and musical performances, as part of his new multi-platform deal with MTV. And as we speak, Warren G is editing his resume to include “skills as late-night-talk-show bandleader.” Also, this sounds awesome. [Variety]

Adam Sandler Is Building an Army