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Debut of College Humor Show Will Require Some Tough DVR Choices

Separated at birth, by a great distance.

We still remain optimistic that The College Humor Show can help begin to right so many of the wrongs that MTV’s reality-programming division has foisted upon us over the last few years. For every one Human Giant that we have been graced with, we’ve had to deal with an endless parade of craptastic shows like A Double Shot at Fingerblasting Tila Tequila. But with the show’s airdate only a few days away, how does the network feel about the show?

Very confident, enough so that they have decided to schedule it in the incredibly competitive time slot of 9:30 pm on Sunday night, where it will face off each week against the likes of Desperate Housewives, Vulture favorite Big Love, and Rock of Love Bus With Bret Michaels. We wish that Brian Stelter would’ve spent less time fawning over the amiable cast in his piece in today’s New York Times and instead probed more into the strategy behind MTV’s programming decision, but then again, we recognize that he wasn’t writing a piece for TV Week. Regardless of MTV’s rationale, the simple truth of the matter is that now we’re going to be forced into making some very difficult DVR decisions about what we’re gonna watch on Sunday nights. Thank goodness we’ve got On Demand!

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Debut of College Humor Show Will Require Some Tough DVR Choices