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Eliza Dushku Optimistic About the Economy

“With our economy right now, and where we are in our country, and with Obama saying we need to scale back and cut down with this inordinate amount of consuming we do, we need to take responsibility, and I think this is a nice reason to give people to stay home on Friday nights.” —Eliza Dushku on why people should stay home and watch Dollhouse [AV Club]

“It is very interesting to have concrete proof of how screwed up you were.”—Jane Fonda, on watching Jane, the 1962 documentary about Fonda’s flop in the Broadway flop The Fun Couple [NYP]

“Not many girls can climb the pole. She climbed the pole, and she did it well.”—Mickey Rourke on Marisa Tomei [People]

“These New Yorkers use a lot of malapropisms and wrong vocabulary. There’s a lot of people speaking in a way they think is fancy, but it’s not.”—Lauren Graham on the first thing she learned from reading the script for Guys and Dolls. [NYP]

“Maybe I’ll be a part of creating some more of those babies.”—Stevie Wonder on helping the Obamas expand their family [People]

“In the society Che was trying to build, I wouldn’t have a job.”—Steven Soderbergh on whether the hero of his latest film would have been impressed [PopMatters]

Eliza Dushku Optimistic About the Economy