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Even Tommy Lee Affected by Recession

“Well there’s a shower, there’s a kitchen, a Pro Tools recording system, a Jaegemeister machine, both formats of Playstation, and Xbox. I don’t have a stripper pole — that’d be kind of fun too. I think I’m missing that. But then again, we don’t really need a pole. You don’t need a pole to strip right? At least on my bus we haven’t needed one yet.” —Tommy Lee on his tour bus [Suicide Girls]

“I think my hair is Republican.” —Cherry Jones on Madame President’s coif on 24 [USAT]

“It is a little weird when people say, ‘So, what did you do last night?’ ‘Oh, I killed some teenagers.’ It’s hard not to squeal and act like a twelve year-old girl in a school dress. When you talk about it you have to be very professional and your voice drops. — Derek Mears on life as the actor who plays Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th [Suicide Girls]

“I remember sitting at my kitchen table, cutting up letters and pictures and trying to glue them on there so we could make artwork for our black and white promo. We were just giggling, like ‘This is some fucking independent as fuck ass shit right here!’” — Company Flow’s El-P on making their debut hip-hop-revolutionizing LP, Funcrusher Plus in 1997 [Pitchfork]

“Every year, we wake up to a box of our fave candy and a love note on the dining room table waiting for us!” — Nick Jonas on how the brothers’ mother makes every Valentine’s Day a special day [ET via MTV]

“Grownup girls just want you to call them dirty names, compliment them on their knowledge of current affairs, and act enthusiastic about their new hats. No one makes you pretend to love them anymore once you grow up; that only happens in the recent remake of Knight Rider.” — Eugene Mirman offering Valentine’s Day wisdom [A.V. Club]

Even Tommy Lee Affected by Recession