Fleet Foxes Frontman Never Weak, But Always Strong

Smiling faces sometimes tell lies.

Fleet Foxes front man Robin Pecknold, recording solo as White Antelope, has offered up a take on the Dylan classic, “It Ain’t Me Babe,” and the song truly rates high among covers by Johnny Cash (and a pre-hip-hop Joaquin Phoenix as Cash), Joan Baez, Nancy Sinatra, and, uh, New Found Glory. (Baez doesn’t fuck around, either). He puts his band’s trademark harmonizing (we assume this is only his own voice, though) to great use over the gentle, finger-picked guitar, making the track sound more optimistic than it has any right to. Pecknold’s recorded only one original under the White Antelope moniker. After hearing this song, we say, “Go forth and cover, young man.”

Download “It Ain’t Me Babe”: Peenko

Fleet Foxes Frontman Never Weak, But Always Strong

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