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Jane Fonda Gives Sobering Assessment of Own Career

“That movie was the single smartest move I ever made.” —Jane Fonda on starring in Monster-in-Law with Jennifer Lopez [NYT]

“I learned to stop being English about things like love. If you make a film in England about love, it’s hugely complicated. It’s all about saying what the weather is like, and you’re secretly telling someone you love them. You know what the English are like; they’re very repressed people. You don’t get that in India. India is incredibly un-cynical about love. It’s a not a complicated thing. It’s me, you, love. Let’s go.” —Simon Beaufoy on what he learned making Slumdog Millionaire [EW]

“I am going to walk to a library, I won’t tell you where.” —Man on Wire subject Philippe Petit on his next tightrope walk [EW]

“In the room, it sounded fine to us. We had a really good time, and it felt really good. Then we came offstage and immediately started getting texts about how (terrible) the sound was. I want to tell strangers on the street who keep talking to me about it that I’ll go back in time and be a union-working sound engineer, and also go into the future so I can duplicate myself and come back as two people and work the sound and do the performance.” —Kyp Malone on the terrible sound when TV on the Radio played Saturday Night Live [Canadian Press via Stereogum]

“It’s saying, stand up to rock stars. That’s about choosing your enemies, too. What are you gonna stand up for and what are you gonna stand up against? I love the notion of standing up to rock stars. Because they are a bunch of fucking megalomaniacs. If you don’t laugh at the end of that line, there’s no hope. When I wrote it, I burst out laughing.” —Bono on the new song “Stand Up Comedy” [Guardian UK]

“I’m ushering in a new movement called ‘train music.’ ‘Last Train to Paris’ is deeper than any of the other stuff I have ever made. It’s a profound love story. It’s me with my shades off. It’s the truth.” —Sean “Diddy” Combs on his upcoming album, Last Train to Paris [Guardian UK]

Jane Fonda Gives Sobering Assessment of Own Career