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Marisa Tomei Does Not Get Naked As Often As You Might Think

“I happened to get offered The Wrestler after I did that movie. It’s another twist of fate. It’s not like I’m in my nude phase now.” —Marisa Tomei on taking the role of a stripper after getting graphic with Philip Seymour Hoffman in Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead [Envelope/LAT]

“I don’t know, I’m just so weird-looking and I sound weird. Oh, I hate hearing myself. Like with the stuff on the album I kind of had to get the hang of so that’s not as bad, but everything else - no! I can’t stand it.” —David Archuleta on watching himself [Female First]

“I think the Marines are very specific. I think there is something that is specifically different about them. I’m not sure I could verbalize it. I hope that I’ve been able to internalize it in some way so that it looks like I’m a Marine. I’m not sure what it is but they are different than you and I.” —Kevin Bacon on playing his fourth marine in the forthcoming HBO movie Taking Chance [Suicide Girls]

“Anyway, I get to MTV, where apparently I’m going to be doing this MTV News thing. And I’m talking to the girl doing it, and she’s like, ‘What have you been up to?’ And I’m, ‘You know, I’m promoting this film, and really wrapped up in that.’ And she’s like, ‘You have a film?’ And I’m, ‘Yeah. So what am I doing here?’ [MTV girl voice.] ‘Oh, you’re here to talk about how important Oscar fashion is. And, you know, what the differences are between Oscar fashion and Golden Globes fashion, and you know, like, who your picks are for best dressed at the Oscars, and like, what do you think Angelina’s gonna wear?’ And I’m just looking at her like ‘It is the end of the day, and I’m gonna fucking kill myself. I can’t imagine a more vapid cherry topping on my fucking self-obsessed day.’” —Jay McCarroll on the end of a long day promoting the documentary Eleven Minutes [A.V. Club]

“Seriously, I think Girls Aloud are at the cutting edge of pop music. They are a great band and deserve to be centre stage. They have everything a pop band should have — songs, the look, it’s all there.” —Bono on wanting to be in Girls Aloud [Sun UK]

“I’m not like, skipping down the street with it, but when you take a moment and you think about the fact that this is what America has chosen to put out as Princess-hood, Princess-dom, it’s amazing.” —Anika Noni Rose on being the first black princess in The Princess and the Frog [People]

Marisa Tomei Does Not Get Naked As Often As You Might Think