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New, Royal-Baiting Oasis Video Renews Our Hope in the Medium

Call us overly nostalgic if you must, but we still carry a torch for the golden era of music videos, the days when directors like Michel Gondry, Jonathan Glazer, and Chris Cunningham added a spirit of inventiveness and cinematic flair to the art form. But with the recording industry in shambles, the budget for videos that are a little more ambitious in scope than, say, Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies,” seems to have dried up. Which is why we found ourselves so captivated with the new video for “Falling Down,” the latest single off Oasis’ surprisingly stellar Dig Out Your Soul record. Directed by a British chap who goes by the name of W.I.Z., the video revolves around the possible double life of a (fictional) British socialite as she makes her way through high-society functions (complete with a cameo from the very real Prince Charles!) and scuzzy, sex-laced drug dens. Not only is it an interesting rumination of the lures of fame and wealth but, like all great music videos, it successfully draws a conceptual outline while leaving the viewer to paint his or her own conclusions.

Oasis - Falling Down MySpace Exclusive

Oasis’s New Video, “Falling Down” [Buzzfeed]

New, Royal-Baiting Oasis Video Renews Our Hope in the Medium

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