Outrage: Watchmen Movie’s Doctor Manhattan to Have Large Penis

Jai ho!

If you cried sacrilege when you found out that Watchmen director, Zack Snyder, had altered the ending of Alan Moore’s graphic novel, just wait until you hear what else he’s changed. The film screened for press in Los Angeles last night, and a source tells Defamer that the faraway glimpse of pantsless superhero Doctor Manhattan’s blue wiener in an early preview has indeed made the final cut. In fact, the movie contains several shots of said wang — not that fans of the original comic would ever recognize it.

Says Defamer’s tipster:

There is indeed shitloads of blue wang. And it’s huge. In the comic book, it’s very average, and uncut, but the film is completely the opposite. Massive and circumcised. Given that it’s digital, was it [Billy] Crudup or his agent that insisted on the impressive cut cock?

In the graphic novel, Doctor Manhattan’s peen is modest and understated (do a Google Image Search), symbolizing the character’s impotence in the face of human evil. Adding inches to its length or circumference undermines everything Alan Moore was trying to say about politics, society, and the human condition. At this point, the best we can hope for is that Snyder was more faithful with respect to testicle size.

Zack Snyder Promises Giant, ‘Hardcore’ Blue Wang In Uncut ‘Watchmen’ [Defamer]

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Outrage: Watchmen Movie’s Doctor Manhattan to Have Large Penis