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People Sometimes Forget How Well Jerry Bruckheimer Understands the Female Mind

“People forget that 25 years ago I made a little movie called Flashdance, which was certainly a chick flick in a lot of ways. More recently we made a movie called Coyote Ugly, which was about a girl’s journey.” Jerry Bruckheimer responds to a question about Confessions of a Shopaholic being too girlie for him [NYT]

“These films have a ridiculously convoluted history. [Jason] shows up in Part 2, gets killed in Part 4. There’s an impostor in a Jason mask in Part 5. Jason comes back as a zombie in Part 6. Toxic sludge turns him back into a child at the end of Part 8. He gets blown up in the opening minutes of Part 9 and then becomes a body-hopping force of evil that gets sucked into hell. In Part 10 the earth is destroyed, Jason becomes a cyborg and lands on an alien planet. Where could the series possibly go at that point? A reboot is the only sane answer.” Devin Faraci of Chud.com on the reboot of Friday the 13th [NYT]

“It’s humbling to meet someone who was born in the nineties — the nineties! — who has a more sophisticated vocabulary than you do. She’s like 34. I want to see her ID.” Chris Evans on his Push co-star Dakota Fanning [LAT]

“If there’s a dressing room with my name on it, I won’t say no. Work is work.” Melissa Leo on working with a first-time director [NYP]

“Audiences in Japan don’t really want too much stimulus, they don’t want too much danger. They don’t want to see a horror film that ruins the rest of their lives. They don’t want to see a scene so horrific that they can’t go on with their lives — so those conditions are not very desirable for me.” Takashi Miike [NYDN]

People Sometimes Forget How Well Jerry Bruckheimer Understands the Female Mind