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Tim Gunn Ensures Red-Carpet Encounter With Meryl Streep Will Be Awkward

“I am her biggest fan and I can’t get enough of her. But wearing my fashion hat, I want to say to Meryl Streep, ‘You need to accept responsibility for what you are wearing. I don’t know that you do.’ She is so smart, so stunning, and she has a great figure. Sometimes she gets it right, but more often she doesn’t. The message she’s sending is, I’m too smart for this and it doesn’t matter to me what I’m wearing. I want to say to her that it should matter to you.” —Tim Gunn on wanting to take Meryl Streep shopping [E! Online]

“oh kittens! It’s two pseudo famous people sitting next to each other … doesn’t mean we were bumping uglies!” —Katy Perry on not going to home base with Paris Hilton’s ex, Benji Madden [katyperryblog]

“I’m one of the most hip-hop people on earth because I say and do exactly what the f— I wanna do and say, regardless of what type of backlash I get. The whole baggy jeans versus tight jeans thing — Run DMC, Fat Boys, they wore tight jeans with gyms shoes and that was hip-hop. Then people started wearing big jeans and that was supposed to be hip-hop. When I first did big jeans, people said that was ‘skater.’ Now you think ‘skater’ and that’s super tight jeans. … They keep trying to label me but the labels won’t stick.” —Kanye West on how his fashion has nothing to do with how hip-hop he is [MTV]

“I’m actually dating Blake [Lively]. We decided it would be a good cover for a while, but we’re ready now,” Trachtenberg joked to us at Monday’s Jill Stuart show. “No, I’m just kidding. I think whatever [the rest of the cast] gets up to on their own time is all good.” —Michelle Trachtenberg on not dating Blake Lively [NYDN]

“every munny is hand-drawn by me, rosie odonnell (star of the flintstones); i do these obsessively; i cant stop myself; i love them; now it is getting absurd; really; like ocd out of control.” —Rosie O’Donnell blogging about making Munny dolls, now that her personal blog has expired [Etsy]

“Look at it this way: here’s Steven Soderbergh, Laura Bickford, and myself; we travel to Cuba, and we go, ‘we wanna tell a story about one of your heroes. We want you to trust us, Americans from Hollywood, so that we can tell the story about one of your biggest heroes. Trust us, yes, we come from the enemy.” —Benicio del Toro on extracting information from Cubans to make Che [Guardian UK]

“One critic compared watching Anne [Hathaway] in our film to experiencing a two-hour colonoscopy.” —Jonathan Demme on the haters of Rachel Getting Married [Guardian UK]

Tim Gunn Ensures Red-Carpet Encounter With Meryl Streep Will Be Awkward