The L Word: Gag Us With a Spoon!

Now we’re talking! At times, this week’s episode, “LMFAO,” sparks with the kind of giddy energy that has fueled the best moments of the show. There’s decent material to work with. Like Shane hooking up with Jenny. Gross, right? Well, the audience members aren’t the only ones collectively gagging. As text messages blip from phone to phone, the gossip and snickers of this Sapphic sorority seem altogether real and altogether fun. Kinda like the night of the pot-brownie party or the time they went undercover to find out if Lara, the sexy chef, is into girls. More, please!

The whole gang has to process the revolting truth of Jenny and Shane hooking up. Shenny (Jane? Jennsh?) are caught postcoital when Alice shows up at the house the next morning and can tell Shane has been up to no good. “You wear your sex nights on your sleeve,” Alice tells her. (This is also known as “the Axe Effect.”) Unfortunately, Kit is late to the throw-up-in-your-mouth party because she doesn’t know how to read her text messages. Girl!

Tina’s in trouble! The film negatives for Lez Girls have been stolen, and Angry Aaron, the studio exec, holds Tina responsible. We think O.J. did it, but no one’s listening.

Hell hath no fury like a deaf lesbian artist scorned: Jodi’s revenge continues, and we have to commend her commitment to grinding Bette under her sensible shoe heel. She’s nailed Bette’s weakness (control) and knows she will do anything to try to regain it. When Bette stupidly asks Jodi to resign, Jodi turns it around on her and gets Bette fired. Noted for the next time we get dumped.

When Alice asks Jenny for help in her own burgeoning screenwriting career, she didn’t expect to get a condescending lecture from Ms. Schecter about Alice’s true calling: a cartoon voice-over artist. Then again, from the first time we heard Leisha Hailey squeak through a yogurt commercial, we sorta thought the same thing.

From the Do-Good Dept.: Alice redeems herself for her careless gossipmongering on The Look by hitting the airwaves to rail against homophobia. Later, she talks a suicidal queer teen off a ledge. By midnight, she has been fitted with her Super-Lezzie costume and inducted into the Justice League.

Shane and Jenny. Excuse us while we … just a minute … BLURRRRGH!

Inside Joke of the Week
Shane has to leave Jenny’s side to do the hair of some TV celebrity, but she can’t remember which one: Is it Patrick Dempsey (Grey’s Anatomy) or Eric Mabius (Ugly Betty)? Ha ha! Eric Mabius played Tim, Jenny’s boyfriend, for all of season one.

The L Word: Gag Us With a Spoon!