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Week in Review: Brought to You By McDonald’s

Smiling faces sometimes tell lies.

This week, the Grammys stiffed a pregnant woman, Joaquin Phoenix forgot to promote his movie, and we all enjoyed a McFlurry with Jack Donaghy. So what else happened?

• Katherine Heigl had terminal brain cancer, but was miraculously cured.

• Vulture rapped with Oscar nominee Melissa Leo.

• NBC blew up the Brooklyn Museum.

• We counted down the greatest hits.

• Jessica Biel hosted the nerd Oscars.

• Anil Kapoor accosted moviegoers.

• The cast of The Wire flew its Phelps flag.

• Locke had daddy issues.

• Quentin Tarantino made a bold choice.

• Rick Rubin won an award.

• Julia Roberts came back, sort of.

• A heckler and a penis nearly destroyed Broadway.

• Catherine Hardwicke told everybody she quit.

• We saved you money on Clive Owen movies.

• The new Kindle basically destroyed publishing forever.

American Idol made some cuts.

• Mickey Rourke wet his whistle, then cleared up a rumor.

• Harvey Weinstein confessed to murder.

Week in Review: Brought to You By McDonald’s