What Was the Deal With Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Skull Cap Last Night?

Typically we leave all discussion of hats and the wearing thereof to our more fashionably inclined sister blog, the Cut. On the matter of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s skullcap, however, we cannot be silent — what the heck was up with that thing? He’d been to the Oscars twice before as a nominee; was he not aware that hat-wearing is implicitly discouraged? Was he trying to make a fashion statement? He’s the Greatest Actor of His Generation, not Cher!

Was there a practical reason for the cap? He wore the same one to the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday and, according to Getty Images, he’s not been seen hatless in public since January 14’s National Board of Review Awards, at which his hair looked terrific, as usual. What could possibly have happened in the time since? Did he get a bad haircut? Ringworm? Is he preparing for a role as a guy with a huge bald spot? Maybe he’s acting in schlubby solidarity with Joaquin Phoenix? We need answers!

Update: According to EW, and our commenters, he’s currently filming a movie adaptation of Jack Goes Boating in which he his character has “crazy hair,” and he’d “rather deal with hat jokes” than hair jokes. Fair enough!

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What Was the Deal With Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Skull Cap Last Night?