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Dave Eggers and Sam Mendes Team Up for Away We Go

Tagline: “When it comes to settling down, never settle.”

Translation: Even with the dire economic straits that we find ourselves in, the spirit of Generation X can never be toppled!

The Verdict: Could this year mark the renaissance of Dave Eggers? Between the release of this picture (which he co-wrote with his wife, Vendela Vida) and the planned release of Where the Wild Things Are (fingers crossed!), everything seems to be coming up Eggers these days. The film stars a fully bearded John Krasinski and former SNL chameleon Maya Rudolph as expectant thirtysomething parents on a cross-country journey in which they are searching not just for a place to live, but for a home. Directed by Sam Mendes, the whole thing feels like a Cameron Crowe by way of Fox Searchlight type of production,* from the cutesy indie title cards to the long, slow shots of the couple making their way through nameless, sun-drenched airports. Not that this is exactly a cause for concern, mind you, so long as it doesn’t turn out to be Mendes’s Elizabethtown.

*And yes, we know that this is a Focus Features release, not a Fox Searchlight production. But come on, those title cards have that whole Juno-handmade vibe written all over them!

Away We Go [Hollywood Elsewhere]

Dave Eggers and Sam Mendes Team Up for Away We Go