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Barbra Streisand Will Come to Your House and Demand That You Stop Playing Her Album

“I never watch my things again. I make an album, and then maybe ten years later I hear a thing or two. If I walk into somebody’s house or a department store, I always say, ‘Can you please turn that off?’…. I really don’t want to listen to it.” — Barbra Streisand on avoiding listening to herself [Newsweek]

“The fact that I can’t tell you where I’m going should tell you where I’m going.” — Stephen Colbert on not telling us that he and The Colbert Report are going to the Persian Gulf [Newsweek]

“No, no. God, never, no.” —Keira Knightley on never having had dreams of becoming a pop star [AV Club]

“In Finding Nemo, I played a fish, but it was just a voice. It was an animated film, and now this is live action. I’m actually going to be playing Mother Nature, and I get to control the weather and save the earth and that’s like the ultimate superhero, and I’m hoping I get to wear a cap cape.” —Elle DeGeneres on landing a role in a future comedy by Jenny Bicks [TV Guide]

“I never wanted to be that wimpy Maria, who sits around pining for her guy. I wanted to be Anita, who danced her way to the top.” —Jennifer Lopez on watching West Side Story growing up and now landing the role as Anita [People]

“I find that word so unconstrained and unsophisticated. I don’t know if you are referring to The Sun newspaper’s Shagger of the Year title, which I’ve been awarded three consecutive times now. It ranks among my finest achievements along with my British comedy awards and other accolades. I continue to live as a single man might, but I certainly don’t do anything as vulgar as shagging.” —Russell Brand on the word “shag” [Sydney Morning Herald]

Barbra Streisand Will Come to Your House and Demand That You Stop Playing Her Album