Breaking Bad: Walt Goes for Broken

Breaking Bad

Bit by a Dead Bee
Season 2 Episode 3

We pick up right where we left off: Walt and Jesse are running from the crime scene, Tuco’s dead by Hank’s hand, and Walt’s family still thinks he’s missing. Often, there’s no time break between episodes; Bryan Cranston explained to us that it’s a technique employed to keep Walt’s illness from seeming to progress too quickly.

Walt and His Family
In what seems like an inspired move, Walt strips naked in a grocery store and is admitted to the hospital. He claims he doesn’t remember the past few days, and suggests that his multiple cancer treatments are to blame for his temporary amnesia (and strip show).  Skylar believes his story, but the doctors aren’t so sure. Walt tells the hospital psychiatrist that he’s lying, and that he just needed out of his life for a few days. He runs down the litany of sorrows we’re so familiar with from season one: His wife is unexpectedly pregnant, his son has cerebral palsy, he’s overqualified for his meagerly paying job. This is a clunky way to get viewers up-to-date: The look on his face when he enters a successful former colleague’s house would have been enough.

Walt has to sneak back into his own house and hide his gun and some drug money, and when he’s slinking around he observes a moment with Skylar and Walt Jr., and clearly envisions their future without him. And then there’s the painting in Walt’s hospital room, which shows a man rowing away from his wife and two children toward a ship. Could this represent Walt leaving his family for more adventurous things — i.e., the life of a drug dealer — or his guilt over dying young? Probably!
Walt and the Drugs
It’s on with the police hunt. Jesse packs up the meth paraphernalia in his basement and stores it and the RV in a friend’s garage. His car was left at Tuco’s house, so turns himself in and gets his meth-addict friend Wendy to lie and say they were together all weekend. (Strung out Wendy: best meth PSA we’ve ever seen.) Hank brings in Tuco’s uncle to try to rat out Jesse, but instead of cooperating, he poops on the floor in protest. Gross. Hank doesn’t believe the story, but can’t disprove it. Finally, Jesse calls his dad for a ride from the police station — and is denied. No wonder Jesse keeps hanging around Walt.
What Now?
Walt’s continuing to morph before our eyes. On a phone call with Jesse from the hospital, Walt insists that they’re going to cook again, and Jesse is incredulous. “What’s changed, Jesse?” Walt spits. If anything, Walt seems like he’s getting off on the danger. Skylar, however, has reached her breaking point. She asks Walt about his second cell phone, and after he denies it, she turns her back to him. She won’t take Walt’s lying much longer.

Breaking Bad: Walt Goes for Broken