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Can 50 Cent Sink Mickey Rourke’s Comeback?

Mickey Rourke may be riding a tidal wave of acclaim and public goodwill following his role in The Wrestler and near-victory at last month’s Oscars — but could a certain terrible-at-acting rapper spoil the whole thing? Maybe! We were already nervous about 50 Cent’s part in Rourke’s upcoming 13 (a remake of 2005 Russian film 13 Tzameti) — and now he’s starring in another Rourke movie. Sylvester Stallone has just confirmed that 50 will, hilariously, replace Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker in The Expendables.

So far, his unique fashion sense, candor in acceptance speeches, red-carpet drinking habit, and not-so-secret wish to participate in WrestleMania 25 have all been charming and done nothing to dampen our enthusiasm for his continued employment in movies. But could bad taste in co-stars derail the comeback train that seemingly nothing else can?

As we’re sure you’re aware, involvement in 50 Cent movies has injured careers far more stable than Rourke’s. Has anyone heard from Jim Sheridan lately? And what have Robert De Niro and Al Pacino been up to since Righteous Kill, besides crying about their damaged lifetime Tomatometer scores, probably? If, God forbid, Mickey should appear in a scene in which 50 is required to emote, Darren Aronofsky might not be there later to pick up the pieces.

Ghost Dog is out of THE EXPENDABLES sadly… [Ain’t It Cool News]

Can 50 Cent Sink Mickey Rourke’s Comeback?