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Demetri Martin and Ang Lee Are Taking Woodstock

Tagline: “Some hippie thing is going to get canceled unless they find a new place for the concert.”

Translation: They better not be talking about Bonnaroo!

The Verdict: Okay, phew, they’re just talking about Woodstock. And we all know how that went. Or do we? We must not know the entire story, otherwise there probably wouldn’t have been too many reasons for Academy Award–winning director Ang Lee to make Taking Woodstock, his first English language film since Brokeback Mountain. Fortunately, the Woodstock they are referring to is the 1969 version, not the one where Fred Durst incited riots. This film, based on the memoir Taking Woodstock: A True Story of a Riot, a Concert, and a Life, stars recent New York Magazine cover boy Demetri Martin as an enterprising young man who schemes a way to inject some capital into his parents’ quaint motel in the bucolic Catskills by hosting a low-profile rock concert (like we said earlier, we all know how that went). As you watch, be sure to keep an eye out for a cross-dressing Liev Schrieber and Emile Hirsch returning to his Alexander Supertramp roots.

Movie Trailer: Ang Lee’s Taking Woodstock [/Film]

Demetri Martin and Ang Lee Are Taking Woodstock