Chris Brown Faces Two Felony Charges, Four-Plus Years in Jail

Who’s got two thumbs and … likes putting them in his pockets? This guy!

Nearly a month after Chris Brown was placed under arrest and booked on charges of assaulting Rihanna in the early-morning hours after a pre-Grammy party hosted by Clive Davis, the Los Angeles County district attorney finally got around to charging him for his actions that night. TMZ reports that Brown has been charged with felony assault and making criminal threats, which could put him in the pokey for up to four years and eight months if he gets convicted (or if the case ever makes it to trial). This is a slight reversal from what TMZ stated last month, when they posted an item claiming that the charges Brown was booked on were “kinda weak” and that he might only face a maximum of six months behind bars. While we still haven’t heard Chris Brown’s side of the story (and we may never), People got their hands on the police report that contains the harrowing details of what Rihanna went through that evening.

According to the police report, Rihanna claims that she read a three-page (!) text message from another woman on Brown’s phone and confronted him about it while they were driving in his rented Lamborghini. It was at that point that he pushed her into the passenger-side window and, we quote, began to “punch her in the face with his right hand while steering the vehicle with his left hand.” While doing so, he then threatened to kill her and, at one point, somehow managed to put her into a headlock. This guy’s even more of a creep than the Bachelor!

Then again, that’s just our opinion; it appears that Rihanna might feel differently. Tabloid reports had Brown and Rihanna reuniting at one of Diddy’s places in South Florida last weekend.

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Chris Brown Faces Two Felony Charges, Four-Plus Years in Jail