Is Diddy’s Twitter Making Kanye’s Blog Irrelevant?

Maybe! Earlier this week, Techcrunch’s Brian Solis wondered if Facebook status updates and Twitter feeds haven’t usurped some of the blogosphere’s authority. As a happily employed blogger too lazy to Tweet more than once every three days, we laughed and laughed. But now we’re starting to worry he might be right — when was the last time you read Kanye’s blog? And are you following Diddy’s Twitter?

If you were, you’d already know that in the past couple weeks Diddy has:

Tweeted live during a tantric sex session (on the exact same day he reportedly hosted a Rihanna–Chris Brown reunion in his home).

• Taken a bubble bath while holding an Oscar.

• Enjoyed a ride in a stolen car with Jonah Hill and Hype Williams.

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• Joined Jay Electronica in a 48-hour spiritual fast during which he could drink only juice.

As longtime fans of the Internet are well aware, batshit-crazy rap-mogul lifecasting was formerly the exclusive domain of Kanye West, whose once-revolutionary blog has covered such varied and exciting topics as puppetry, tea sets, and the latest innovations in bathroom faucetry — but when was the last time it felt vital? Sure, Kanye blogged right through two arrests recently — but those were months apart and last year! And, seriously, how long has it been since he posted an all-caps rant about something completely trivial? We can’t even remember!

Meanwhile Diddy — who evidently never sleeps — has been delivering every day without fail, often several times per hour. It’s not like we’d ever unsubscribe from Kanye’s RSS or anything, but we hope he knows he needs to step it up — the future of the blogosphere may depend on it.

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Earlier: Vulture Exclusive: Diddy to Be the Pope for Halloween

Is Diddy’s Twitter Making Kanye’s Blog Irrelevant?