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James Gray Has Yet to Forgive Joaquin Phoenix

“It’s like, Letterman was trying to get the movie out there, but the only thing that’s out there now is a crazy person with a beard making a fool of himself.” —James Gray, director of Two Lovers, is still peeved at Joaquin Phoenix [Contact Music]

“During the sex scene I was luckily fully clothed, but he had to wear this skin-coloured nappy … The director had to tell me, ‘Pull yourself together.’” —Keira Knightley on getting silly while filming her sex scene in The Duchess [Sun UK]

“I like these movies … so I try to do them. I could care less if kids like me.” —Seth Rogen isn’t doing a good job convincing us that he didn’t just do Monsters vs. Aliens for the money [MTV]

“I love Denzel. And for that reason I was interested in it. But I don’t know how you can make a movie which you know the end result. The cat was out of the bag before it even began. For that reason it did not succeed.” —Angela Lansbury isn’t sure why they ever remade The Manchurian Candidate, either [Female First]

“It’s about families in conflict, domestic disorder, domestic terrorism, the rise of a new religion, organized crime, corporate sabotage, racism of a colony-vs.-colony sort, drugs, sex, murder and, of course, ROBOTS. It’s got elements of Rome, of The Sopranos, and still it’s recognizably the BSG world.” —Battlestar Galactica writer Jane Espenson on the new show, Caprica [Boston Globe]

“Not to sound too hippie-dippie about it, but there was a beautiful, communal vibe to the whole thing.” —Patterson Hood of Drive-By Truckers on feeling the love at the inauguration ceremony [AV Club]

James Gray Has Yet to Forgive Joaquin Phoenix