Judd Apatow Willed by Internet to Produce Ghostbusters 3

Eckhart Tolle being fabulously succesful.

Wild, baseless Internet movie gossip seldom leads to anything more than a curt denial from a publicist and a blogosphere full of disappointed fanboys (see here, here, here, and here). But today, one actually seems to have paid off! Following months of hearsay that totally seemed like just wishful thinking, Production Weekly is reporting that Judd Apatow is now officially producing Ghostbusters 3. So were early whispers about this very thing last summer based on actual fact, or were they lucky guesses that turned out to be true? Or did Apatow just throw up his hands and submit to the almighty will of the Internet? If so, we demand that he cast Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, James Franco, and McLovin as the new Ghostbusters, stick with the original Ray Parker Jr. theme song, and release this thing on our next birthday (November 16, which is a Monday this year). Make it happen, Apatow!

’Ghostbusters 3’ Now Controlled By Judd Apatow Productions [Playlist]

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Judd Apatow Willed by Internet to Produce Ghostbusters 3