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Leaked: New Grizzly Bear Escapes Early

Eenie, meenie: Melissa, Molly.

Grizzly Bear, Veckatimest

Official release date: May 26

The Verdict: Poor Edward Droste. Not only did his band’s new album leak almost three months early last night, but he had to find out about it via jerks on Twitter (he doesn’t seem too upset). Lucky for him, though, we don’t think Veckatimest will disappoint anybody: While not quite the bold leap forward that Dear Science and Merriweather Post Pavilion were, Grizzly Bear’s third album builds slightly on the pop bent of 2005’s psyche-folk-y Yellow House without sacrificing any of its sonic ingenuity. There’s nothing here as immediate as “Knife,” but even on the low-quality rip, “Cheerleader,” “Fine for Now,” and “While You Wait for the Others” more than make up the difference.

Leaked: New Grizzly Bear Escapes Early