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Leonardo DiCaprio Is Not Being Very Cooperative Right Now

End Times Approach: Leonardo DiCaprio will headline Inception, Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi project/plan to ruin us all. The movie shoots this year and is scheduled for the summer of 2010, but details are still scant: Right now Warner Bros. is just saying it’s a sci-fi action flick set within the “architecture of the mind” (no, not Bruce Wayne’s). Should we start a petition or something? [Variety]

Alice in Wonderland. With Machine Guns: While everyone else talks Watchmen, the ever-visionary Zack Snyder looks ahead. The cast for his next project, Sucker Punch, is coming together, with Amanda Seyfried, Vanessa Hudgens, Abbie Cornish, and Evan Rachel Wood all attached. The plot revolves around Babydoll (Seyfried), a girl institutionalized against her will by her stepfather, who plans to have her lobotomized in five days; in that time span, she imagines an alternate reality in which she plans her escape. Snyder has called it — we’re assuming completely straight-faced — “Alice in Wonderland with machine guns.” [HR]

Bragamuffin: The adaptation of Paulo Coehlo’s novel 11 Minutes, about an innocent, heartbroken girl who goes to work as a call girl in an upscale gentleman’s club in Geneva, has its leads. Alice Braga will play the girl, with Vincent Cassel playing a music exec who gets her hooked on S&M and Mickey Rourke (whoo!) playing the club owner. We’re thinking the Bogart should work. [Variety]

She’s An Excellent Swimmer: Megan Fox is in talks for two comic-book adaptations. First up is Hex, in which she will play Leila, the gun-slinging love interest of post-civil-war bounty hunter Josh Brolin. Next is Fathom, a long-gestating project based on Michael Turner’s 1998 comic about a race of aquatic humanoids with the ability to control the water; Fox would play Aspen, a young woman who discovers she is one of them. We’re assuming the water-loving humanoids wear bikinis all the time? [HR]

Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads: Producer David Permut is moving forward on a biopic of the late, legendary auto exec John Z. DeLorean. The film will chart DeLorean’s life from his days as a star exec at GM, where he developed the Pontiac GTO and the Firebird, to the creation of his eponymous car company, and then to his 1982 arrest for drug trafficking to support his insane and faltering eponymous car company. Little known fun fact: If it reached speeds of 88 miles an hour in real life, the Delorean would in fact begin to time travel. [Variety]

Leonardo DiCaprio Is Not Being Very Cooperative Right Now