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Mischa Barton Is Slipping

Barton’s Back: Hey, look who’s acting again! Mischa Barton has been cast in the CW model drama A Beautiful Life as Sonja, a high-fashion vet who is “struggling to keep on top and is in danger of slipping.” (Really, Hollywood Reporter? Both parts of that sentence were necessary?) Amusing for everyone but those heavily invested in Barton’s long-term career prospects, the role only came about after a spot on the new Melrose Place “didn’t materialize.” [HR]

Marvel Mix-up: With Spider-Man 4 now set for release on May 6, 2011, the schedule for the rest of Marvel’s big movies has been shuffled: Iron Man 2 is now coming May 7, 2010, with Thor moving back almost a year, to June 17, 2011, The First Avenger: Captain America a few months to July 22, 2011, and The Avengers — the catch-all superhero flick that features Captain America and Thor — coming May 4, 2012. In other Marvel news, Mickey Rourke’s still in Iron Man 2! [HR]

Reporting to Duty: Veteran television actor Donald Faison has joined ABC comedy The Law. He stars alongside Cedric the Entertainer as a reserve LAPD officer. Zach Braff is gonna be soooo jealous. [HR]

It, Again: Screenwriter Dave Kajganich and director Kevin McDonald are set to go on Warner Bros.’ new big-screen adaption of Stephen King’s It. The book, about seven kids in a small Maine town who battle an evil force (twice!), was previously a 1990 ABC miniseries. One thing that may help you recall that 1990 ABC miniseries is the insane clown from it that is still haunting your dreams. [Variety]

Jurassic Park. With Aliens: Shrek’s Joe Stillman is onboard to write family comedy Alien Zoo for Warner Bros. The concept of the film, which will be a mixture of live-action and CGI, is explained very elegantly as “Jurassic Park with aliens.” How quickly do you think the producer hearing the pitch yelled “green-lit!” after hearing that? [Variety]

Non-Famous People to Appear in Movie: The cast of Noah Baumbach’s Greenberg now includes Rhys Ifans, Brie Larson, and Juno Temple. Also, we’ve got some plot details: Previously announced cast member Ben Stiller plays a New Yorker who moves to L.A. to house-sit for his brother and get his life in order, and ends up in a relationship with his brother’s assistant (the previously cast Greta Garwig); Ifans plays Stiller’s best bud, Larson, a young temptation, and Temple her friend. [Variety]

Mischa Barton Is Slipping