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The Bachelor Continues to Be a Heel

“It was definitely not the classiest thing in the world, but I had to follow my heart. Even though I’ve had to hurt people in a way, I feel like I did it with integrity.” — Jason Mesnick, a.k.a. The Bachelor, on dumping his reality-show fiancée for her runner-up in front of millions of television viewers [US Magazine]

“It’s like prostitution and everything — if it’s available then it’s tempting. It’s why I’m against legalisation of marijuana — because if it’s available you want to get more. I can talk about that because I’m not doing it.” — Michel Gondry on his addiction to “horrible” websites [Guardian UK]

“I’m a demon at Scrabble, and I’ve challenged her to a tournament. I can never be a better singer than her, but I sure can hope to get the word ‘hexagons’ on a triple word score, you feel me?” — Sia on challenging Christina Aguilera to a Scrabble tournament [Female First]

“I’ve made it really especially for France and people who speak French.”— Iggy Pop on his forthcoming Sinatra-like album, Preliminaires [Guardian UK]

“I heard that it was Nicole Kidman who actually was the one who helped get that song out there. She was going to do a love scene … kind of a naked seduction dance. I was disappointed because … I would’ve gone down during that scene and played for free. Because that’s the kind of a guy I am. A heart as big as a jail. Always supporting the arts.” — Chris Isaak on “Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing” being used in Eyes Wide Shut [CNN]

“I had to gaze into the abyss of Rorschach for months. And I think if anything, instead of me finding myself in Rorschach, I think I was searching for and started to find some of Rorschach in me. I think playing this guy has made me a bit more cynical.” — Jackie Earle Haley on finding the vengeful murderer in himself for his part in The Watchmen [AV Club]

The Bachelor Continues to Be a Heel