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Emma Watson: She’s Just Like Us!

“There are actresses who don’t know about things like doing their own laundry and getting a bus. I’m not going to be like that.” —Emma Watson knows exactly what she’s going to learn at Yale [Bang Showbiz via Sydney Morning Herald]

“This is it … this is the final curtain call. When I say this, I really mean this.”—Michael Jackson on his comeback also being his retirement [NYDN]

“It sounds like a Barbie convention when Lauren comes on stage. Young girls who know her from Gilmore Girls are coming out to see her in droves.”—Craig Bierko of the fervor in the house at Guys and Dolls when Lauren Graham appears as Miss Adelaide [NYDN]

“I can’t wait. I love guys getting dressed to the nines and going out onstage with a tiger.”—Perry Farrell before seeing Siegfried & Roy in the duo’s first, and probably last, return to the stage after Roy’s near-fatal mauling [20/20 via LAT]

“We’re a little combo from the north side of Dublin called U2. Hope you like our new direction.”—Bono to a crowd of college kids last night [Contact Music]

“I feel sorry for the people on the red carpet. This woman was probably standing there for more than an hour and got to ask one question and she went, ‘I’m going with the hair.’ And she got a good grab. I thought it was a pretty funny question.” —Eric Bana on making fun of an interviewer who asked him about his hair on the red carpet [Sydney Morning Herald]

Emma Watson: She’s Just Like Us!