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Sienna Miller Doesn’t Realize How Good She Has It

“We were in the bath for so long we were shriveling up like prunes, it wasn’t very sexy at all. But hey, I’ve had a bath with Keira Knightley — several people would love to say that I[’m] sure.” —Sienna Miller doesn’t see the forest for the trees [Showbiz Spy]

“Do people with disabilities want to have sex? Of course. Everyone who is breathing wants to have sex!” —Mary Stuart Masterson on one of the themes of her directorial debut, Cake Eaters [MTV]

“I keep reading about … [my] unfulfilled potential, that’s a killer. They’ll be able to name ten things about me or to do with me or someone I’ve been with before they’ll ever be able to name a song and that really is quite sad.” —Pete Doherty has finally discovered self-awareness, and he doesn’t like what he sees [Contact Music]

“Now I’m more a Real Housewife than I ever have been before!” —Alex McCord on being laid off by Victoria’s Secret [TV Watch/People]

“I’m 42. I have been in bands since I was 15. There gets to a point where you are stepping out in front of 100,000 people and your blood pressure doesn’t change.” —Shirley Manson justifying her move to TV, in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. [Sydney Morning Herald]

“We needed to get outside of our comfort zone. Brian Eno doesn’t like U2 — he’s not built to. So when we go and work with him we go through a slightly different filter, ‘cause we’re trying to impress him.” —Bono might want to start finding new people he wants to impress [MTV]

Sienna Miller Doesn’t Realize How Good She Has It