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50 Cent–Rick Ross Feud Hits Another Predictable Low

“And just to let the gay community know how sincere I am with my apologies, I’m offering and willing to do a record with an openly gay artist such as Curly (50 Cent), Curtis Jackson, 50 Cent … Even Elton John … Both two great gay artists … So now all the gays, we good. Peace.” —Rick Ross isn’t even bothering to apologize for his offensive homophobic comments [Contact Music]

“It’s cliffhanger after cliffhanger, two weddings, somebody dies. It’s going to be nuts.” —Josh Schwartz on what to expect from the remaining season of Chuck [Daily Beast]

“This movie was never meant to be the end of Hannah Montana.” —Miley Cyrus on facing her alter ego’s death [Billboard via People]

“I watch mediocre shows that have been on for three or four seasons, and feel angry at them. I don’t watch good shows and think, “Oh, I could have been along with these shows.” I just watch bad shows and go, “Why them?” —Andy Richter on his ineffective TV-watching habits [AV Club]

“If you use that word in America you’d probably get sent to Guantanamo Bay.” —Steve Coogan on probably not singing one of his trademark songs “Everyone’s a Bit of a C— Sometimes” on American television [Age]

“I’m very steeped in the mythology of the Devil.” —Reaper’s Ray Wise on being in touch with his dark side [BuzzSugar]

50 Cent–Rick Ross Feud Hits Another Predictable Low