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Seth Rogen Attempts to Squash Beef With Lindsay Lohan

“No one that works for me or with me in any capacity has received any word from anyone that works for Lindsay Lohan. So I don’t know what happened there.” —Seth Rogen on not deliberately ignoring Lohan [MTV]

“He hopes to make it the most spectacular gig ever. For the jungle section, he wants to ride out on an African elephant with panthers led on gold chains. Parrots and other birds will fly behind him.” —A “source” on Michael Jackson’s plans for his London gigs [Contact Music]

“So, I just threw my little idea out, and they told me all the reasons why it couldn’t be done. I pitched a Western as well, and they said, “We don’t do dust pictures.” —Matt Groening on his first Hollywood pitch meeting [AV Club]

“They wanted to make me sound more like an action hero, like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone … They had to take me out of the (sound) booth and show me Bruce Willis movies.” —Reese Witherspoon on manning up for Monsters vs. Aliens [Female First]

“So it wasn’t about getting high — it was about being an artist. About waking up in the morning at 10:30 and doing a bunch of lines and writing a bunch of music, and staying up for three days on a creative whirlwind and then panic-attacking for a week after. It was one of the most difficult times in my life, but it was important for me to experience, since it unlocked parts of my brain.” —Lady Gaga on the inspirational powers of cocaine [Idolator via Too Much Awesome]

“For two years, I had to spend most of the time with my jaw sticking out, and I started to have a problem. I had to have dental work. You know the thing that attaches your gum to your lip … I f**ked it up from doing that. I had to have work done on my jaw.” —Michael Sheen on his oral sacrifices for Frost/Nixon [Female First]

Seth Rogen Attempts to Squash Beef With Lindsay Lohan