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Five People Vulture Would Love to See Host SNL

While we’re already on record saying we’re gravely tired of seeing the likes of Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz appear in cameo roles on SNL, we also have a sneaking suspicion that the show could use some fresh blood when it comes to hosting duties. As much as we enjoy seeing staples like Alec Baldwin, Christopher Walken, and Steve Martin ignite the crowd, we found the Daily Fill’s recent list of Ten People Who Should Host SNL to Keep It From Sucking More to be a well-thought-out (if crudely titled) read. While we can’t really argue with any of their selections (Katt Williams is an inspired choice), we would like to tack on five more potential hosts we’d love to see added to the list.

Julia Roberts — How is it possible that Julia Roberts has never hosted Saturday Night Live? There’s just no way that SNL bookers have never thought to ask her, so we think that she must’ve turned them down. Is it possible she once suffered from stage fright? If so, she probably got over that after spending some time on the Great White Way a few years back (although we’re guessing that her stage fright was replaced with a paralyzing case of being scared shitless by critics). And with Duplicity opening this weekend, this would’ve been perfect timing! Alas…

Craig Robinson — He’s already demonstrated that he’s fully capable of delivering side-splitting supporting performances in The Office and on the silver screen, but we’d really like to see him be able to flex his comedic muscles on a stage like this.

Brangelina — We never really thought either one of them had a funny bone in their bodies, but after seeing Pitt in Burn After Reading, we changed our minds. Plus, If SNL could get them to host a show together, it would probably get even bigger ratings than the M*A*S*H* finale.

Owen Wilson — His brother Luke hosted back in 2004, but the Butterscotch Stallion has never stepped onto the stage of Studio 8H. We feel like his natural, easygoing acting style would allow him to excel at sketch comedy, and he’s also got a number of huge comedic hits under his belt as an actor. Plus, it’s been far too long since we’ve seen him smiling, and if you’ll allow us to get sentimental for a bit, we miss that.

Amanda Bynes — We just realized that we’ve been writing here on Vulture for nearly four months, and we have yet to work Amanda Bynes into one of our pieces (for shame!). Although her career has hit a bit of a rough patch of late, we still think that Bynes is one of the most gifted comediennes of her generation. The only thing keeping her back from having an Anna Faris–type career is one hit film, and we think SNL would be the perfect showcase for her talents (especially considering her background in sketch on The Amanda Show).

Who did we miss?

The Ten People Who Should Host SNL to Keep It From Sucking More [DailyFill]

Five People Vulture Would Love to See Host SNL