U2 Puts Out Their Leftovers

U2’s new album, No Line on the Horizon, is so dull that Rolling Stone magazine recently gave it five stars — but would you believe that there’s an even less exciting follow-up coming soon? It’s true! We didn’t take the band seriously when they told Sunday’s Times they had another already completed album ready to go, because that’s pretty much what everybody says when they release a record. But Bono today announced the full details: Songs of Ascent — a more “meditative” and “reflective” album than Horizon — will be out in 2009, preceded by first single “Every Breaking Wave.” Not boding well is the fact that he calls it the “’Zooropa to [Horizon’s] Achtung Baby.” On the plus side, their soundtrack to Julie Taymor’s Spider-Man musical will be out soon, and that should be at least vaguely interesting, right?

U2 Talk “Horizon” Follow Up, Spider-Man Musical in Rolling Stone Cover Story [Rolling Stone]

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U2 Puts Out Their Leftovers