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Week in Review: Slow Jammin’ the News

Strauss, poolside.

Looking back on a week in which we licked it for $10

• Despite all the things Zack Snyder got right, his Watchmen movie inspired a backlash. At least Dr. Manhattan’s wang got good reviews. Mostly.

• We heroically made it all the way to the end of D.T. Max’s New Yorker profile on David Foster Wallace, but we’re still worried about The Pale King.

• We worried about Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and so did Jimmy Fallon. And so did Twitter.

• McG stayed classy.

• Judd Apatow answered the call of the Internet. Or so we thought.

The Bachelor was awesome.

• Rock beef got out of control.

• Jimmy Fallon got a little better — by underhanded means?!? Then he turned to alcohol.

• Ghostface did the right thing.

Sawyer and Jimmy Barrett joined the Dharma Initiative.

• So did Lonny Ross!

• The blind guy made it, even if his voice isn’t that much better than this guy’s.

• The CW got off on a technicality.

• U2 announced a new album, possibly too soon.

• Dwight gave us TMI.

• There were unsnobby art shows! And nobody sold a thing.

• Lil Wayne practiced.

• Michael Jackson came back!

• We speculated on the origins of the four-toed statue.

• Poster Boy’s accomplice got canned.

Week in Review: Slow Jammin’ the News