What Does Elizabeth Mitchell’s New Job Mean for Lost’s Juliet?

EW’s Michael Ausiello reports that Lost’s Elizabeth Mitchell has joined the cast of the pilot for ABC’s V reboot — an interesting development given the recent speculation that a major character on Lost will be — SPOILER!dead before the season finale. So does this mean Juliet’s a goner?

Says Ausiello:

My moles at ABC and Warner Bros. (which is producing V) say we need to chill, because Mitchell is just a guest star on V. But, however much I may want to chill, that’s pretty hard to do, since everyone told me the same thing when tailie Cynthia Watros [who played Hurley’s girlfriend, Libby] booked a pilot (and two months later, Libby was pushing up daisies).

Also, this certainly puts our interview with Mitchell in an interesting new light, particularly quotes like this one:

Juliet has always been fairly mercenary in her desire to survive. She sits back and kind of tries to figure out how to use things to her advantage, but in this situation there’s really no sitting back to be done. So she’s just dealing with more immediate and present danger.

And this one, in reference to her character sharing a name with Shakespeare’s tragic heroine:

I’m certain it’s not random because they’re never random. It does seem to me that she’s pretty much destined for tragedy, whichever way she goes, no matter how hard she tries to fight against it.

But would Lost’s writers really kill her off? We suppose that would be an easy way to make the Jack-Kate-Sawyer-Juliet love quadrangle slightly less complicated.

Exclusive: Elizabeth Mitchell trading ‘Lost’ for ‘V’? [Ausiello Files/EW]

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What Does Elizabeth Mitchell’s New Job Mean for Lost’s Juliet?