Deadline Hollywood Daily Acquisition Rumors Spark More Hollywood Catfighting

The hilarious fallout continues today over Monday’s revelation that it was a botched attempt by Variety to purchase Nikki Finke’s blog, Deadline Hollywood Daily, that prompted the trade’s triple attack on her over the weekend. In her response to the hit pieces, Finke said there were “other interested parties,” prompting much speculation over who, exactly, those parties might be. Possibly the Huffington Post?

Yesterday, the Wrap’s Sharon Waxman asked Finke about it, and claims Finke responded “evasively” and implied that one of those offers may still result in a sale (“It may not,” she’s quoted as saying, “I’m very picky”). But Finke says on her own blog that Waxman used parts of “‘Umms’ and ‘Hmms’ and other noncommittal responses” from an off-the-record conversation to draw incorrect assumptions, though she doesn’t specify what those assumptions were.

Interestingly enough, Finke hasn’t yet responded to Business Insider’s report today on rumors that the Huffington Post — which recently secured $25 million in funding to use, in part, on “select, focused acquisitions” — may be in talks to buy DHD. Might she, herself, soon be the subject of someone else’s “TOLDJA!”?

Update: Finke responds in the comments at Business Insider: “Everything in your post, and Waxman’s post, is incorrect.”

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Deadline Hollywood Daily Acquisition Rumors Spark More Hollywood Catfighting