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Hugh Jackman Saved the Oscars, But Can He Save Wolverine?

Tagline: “I’m putting together a special team. With special powers. Join us, and you will have your revenge.”

Translation: Revenge is a dish best served topless.

The Verdict: After Hugh Jackman saved the Oscars last week, we’re reluctant to douse too much Haterade on everyone’s favorite singing, dancing, often shirtless Australian wonder. That said, this new trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine does look pretty ridiculous (or, depending on your allegiance to the franchise, awesomely ridiculous). While it’s mostly an amalgamation of footage that we’ve already seen, this time around we get introduced to a younger, non–James Marsden version of the Scott Summers–Cyclops character (played by an actor named Tim Pocock). It’s just too bad that he looks so much like the guy who played Rodney Dangerfield’s son in Back to School. There is one spot of good news, though: Since the film isn’t being released until May 1, there’s still plenty of time to insert a song-and-dance number into the final cut!

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Hugh Jackman Saved the Oscars, But Can He Save Wolverine?