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Can You Guess Who Sponsored 90210 Last Night?

As we explained last week, we’ve been looking forward to seeing unrepentant 90210 fangirl Diablo Cody’s appearance on the show for some time now. And while even Cody herself agrees that she probably shouldn’t give up her day job as an Oscar-winning screenwriter (her Twitter read “90210h-my God, I can’t fucking act”), that wasn’t the most troubling aspect of last night’s show. While we’re not nearly as outraged as we were when the whole McFlurrygate controversy went down (after all, it’s only 90210), the CW sure showed Ben Silverman a thing or two about how to kowtow to advertisers, with one of the more egregiously clunky and wholly unironic bits of product placement we can ever recall seeing.

Feeling thirsty?


A Dr. Pepper oughtta hit the spot!


Actual dialogue: “We’re on a road trip. Drinking Dr. Pepper is practically a requirement.”


It’s Dr. Pepper, man. TURN IT UP!


Even the guy who got fired loves Dr. Pepper!


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Can You Guess Who Sponsored 90210 Last Night?