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American Idol: Scott Sent Home, Wrongly

American Idol

Top Eight Elimination
Season 8 Episode 28

Not that it would’ve made a difference in another couple of weeks anyway, but Scott MacIntyre was sent home on American Idol last night and we’re not sure we’re cool with that. Yes, his pianoless version of Survivor’s “The Search Is Over” was ill-advised and more than a little pitchy, and it’s not like he had a chance of winning this thing anyway — but did America actually watch Tuesday’s show?

How is it possible that Kris Allen was not sent home? He wasn’t even in the bottom three! Is he really so good-looking, with charm so durable that it can withstand a funk cover of Don Henley’s “All She Wants to Do Is Dance”? Are we, as a nation, actually condoning this?

Anyway, next week’s guest mentor is Quentin Tarantino and, if he’s anything like he was when he guest judged in 2004, maybe he’ll have the courage to say to Kris Allen what America won’t.

American Idol: Scott Sent Home, Wrongly