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Angelina Jolie, M.E.

Dr. Jolie: Angelina Jolie will take on the role of Dr. Kay Scarpetta, the medical examiner hero of Patricia Cornwell’s best-selling series. Fox 2000 is acquiring the rights, and is then hoping to start up a movie franchise; the adaptations will not adhere strictly to the plot of any of the sixteen books in the series thus far, but will borrow elements from all of them. It’s unclear what about the character drew Jolie in, although it’s probably fair to assume that, just like the rest of us, she’s utterly defenseless against the sway of a well-placed subway ad. [Variety]

Pixies Get Boxed: The Pixies aren’t quite done squeezing their reunion lemon dry: They’ll be releasing a box set, Minotaur, in June, which will collect all five of their studio releases. The regular Deluxe Edition will go for $175 and will feature a concert DVD, all their music videos and a 54-page book; the Limited Edition will go for $450 and will come with all the releases on vinyl as well, a Giclée print by Oliver (?), and a 72-page hardcover book (take that, Deluxees!). There’ll be no remastering (assumedly unnecessary) or, as of now, unreleased bonus tracks. Wow, this sounds unnecessary — which will only make us feel worse about ourselves when we buy it anyway. [Billboard]

Mmm, Forbidden Lil Wayne Documentary…: Lil Wayne’s request to block the release of Adam Bhala Lough’s documentary The Carter has been rejected by a state court judge in L.A. Wayne was alleging that he was not able to exercise his right of approval over the film, which screened at Sundance and will now seek distribution. We bet he’s just pissed they spelled “the” correctly, like a bunch of nerds. [Variety]

TV’s Don: Miles Chapman will write an environmentally themed action-adventure flick for Participant Productions, the folks behind An Inconvenient Truth. Details are sketchy, but the plot will follow a perilous quest through Africa for a mysterious treasure. That treasure? Heightened awareness of our carbon footprints. [HR]

Angelina Jolie, M.E.