Can We Talk About Sandra Bullock’s Back Tattoo in The Proposal for a Second?

At least it’s not a tramp stamp!

While The Proposal isn’t quite being positioned as Sandra Bullock’s big comeback film in the way Duplicity was for Julia Roberts, there’s no doubt that it represents a pivotal point in her career. After all, she pretty much retreated from the film scene after marrying Jesse James back in 2005, and The Proposal marks the first rom-com she’s appeared in since Two Weeks Notice back in 2002. We caught a trailer for the film over the weekend, one that stars Bullock as a hard-charging book editor who faces possible deportation unless she can score a green card by marrying her personal assistant (Ryan Reynolds). And while it looked like a pleasantly enjoyable romp, we will admit to being slightly taken aback by a scene from the trailer in which America’s (Former) Sweetheart™ can be seen sporting what looks to be a hideous back tattoo.

It’s not that we’re against tattoos, necessarily. We don’t have any, but it’s not like we begrudge anyone who does. It’s just that after we noticed this particular tat up on the big screen during a pratfall scene in which Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds bump into each other while neither one of them is wearing any clothes, it literally made us gasp out loud. After all, this is Sandra Bullock we’re talking about! It’s not quite as jarring as if we were to learn that Abigail Breslin got a tramp stamp in real life (don’t do it, Little Miss Sunshine!), but we’re interested to see how the filmmakers work the story of this tattoo in the movie. Because you just know that it’s going to be a plot device of some sort, one that we’re guessing will come to represent the period of her character’s life in which she had actual zeal for life before becoming an intense and lifeless corporate zombie (or something).

What say you, VultureWatchers? Did it slightly freak you out, too? Or are we just being square? Here’s the full trailer for the film, just in case you need to see the tat of which we are speaking in context:

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds’ The Proposal Trailer [First Showing]

Can We Talk About Sandra Bullock’s Back Tattoo in The Proposal for a Second?