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Will Miramax Treat Mike Judge Any Better Than Fox Did?

Tagline: “The creator of Office Space heads back to work.”

Translation: But how will the studio treat Mike Judge’s work this time around?

The Verdict: After Fox put the least amount of effort possible into giving Mike Judge’s last two films, cult favorites Office Space and Idiocracy, anything even remotely resembling a supportive theatrical launch, we’re not the least bit surprised that Judge decided to find another distributor for his latest project. Unfortunately for both Judge and fans of his brilliance, Miramax currently has Extract scheduled to open on Labor Day weekend, which is traditionally a dead zone at the multiplex. However, Judge has very little (if any) control over the release dates of his films, but what he does have control over is the film itself. It’s tough to glean any real insight about the plot of this film from the trailer, but from what we can tell, Jason Bateman seems to be having some sexual issues with his wife (Kristin Wiig), which causes him to seek the counsel of his stoner friend (Ben Affleck) to see if he should pursue a relationship with a sexy temp at his company (Mila Kunis). The trailer doesn’t look super-promising, but based on Judge’s body of work, we’re fairly certain this will end up being another in his continuing series of underappreciated gems. What say you, VultureWatchers?

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Will Miramax Treat Mike Judge Any Better Than Fox Did?