Eight Reasons Not to Download Wolverine

As you’ve probably heard, a rough cut of Hugh Jackman’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine leaked onto the Internet this week, a full month before its official release. Predictably, Fox freaked out, called the FBI, and threatened to stick a retractable bone claw into the original uploader. Really, though, if they’re concerned about piracy sinking the movie’s opening weekend, they shouldn’t be — anyone with eyes can tell you that the leaked version is unfinished, with missing scenes, placeholder music, and tons of hilarious half-rendered special effects. Want proof? Click for eight reasons why Wolverine will look better on the big screen.

In keeping with the spirit of this World War I flashback, the explosion seen here was rendered exclusively using technology available in 1918.
As made clear by this unfinished effects shot, Ryan Reynolds cannot actually fly. Sorry, ladies!
Look out! Wolverine is nearly thrown from his motorcycle after it collides with a time stamp that someone carelessly left sitting in the road.
In the finished movie, Sabretooth is played by Liev Schreiber. In the unfinished movie? Niko Bellic.
In the theatrical version, Sabretooth saves Wolverine before he falls off a ledge. In the downloadable one, he holds his hand, even though Wolverine is visibly supported by wires and a harness. It’s pretty adorable, actually.
We’re certainly not saying we don’t like this evil super-villain’s stylish red pants – but we bet those motion-capture dots on his back mean he’ll get even cooler-looking pants in the final cut.
According to those who’ve seen it, Wolverine’s climactic tumbling routine is way more impressive on the big screen.
KABOOM! (That’s another explosion.)
Eight Reasons Not to Download Wolverine