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House Shows Grey’s Anatomy How to Kill Off a Doctor

If you enjoy House and have not yet watched last night’s episode, you’ll probably want stop reading RIGHT NOW. On the show, a main characters died in a way that nobody saw coming (unless they read this Vulture post, maybe). Who was it? What happened? Click to find out!

Ready? It was Dr. Kutner, played by Kal Penn (i.e. Kumar), and he committed suicide by self-inflicted gunshot. Apparently Penn wanted off the show so he could begin his new job — working for Obama! (He’ll be an associate director in the White House Office of Public Liaison.) Also, there is evidently no truth to the rumor that Penn himself is actually dead.

We wish the Grey’s Anatomy writers had a similarly cavalier attitude about the lives of fictional doctors played by actors who want off the show. Somebody shove Izzie down an elevator shaft, already!

The only video we could find of Kutner’s suicide is here, though the jerk who uploaded it made it non-embeddable. So, please enjoy the shoddily edited tribute clip below.

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House Shows Grey’s Anatomy How to Kill Off a Doctor