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Idol Casts Out Two Contestants, Celebrates Swedish Indie Pop

American Idol

Top Seven Disco Elimination
Season 8 Episode 32

Last night’s episode of American Idol provided a double dose of rejection, with Anoop Desai and Lil Rounds both getting the boot following the judges’ decision to save Matthew Giraud from elimination last week. Though we are somewhat disappointed to see Anoop axed at this stage of the competition, our major point of interest in the episode was actually the song used in the typically cheesy Ford-sponsored music-video spot featuring all of the remaining contestants — Lykke Li’s blog pop mini-hit “I’m Good, I’m Gone.” Clearly this is a very good week for Swedish pop, what with Robyn turning up on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, and Li getting major exposure on the most popular television show in America. If these sort of things come in threes, perhaps Fever Ray will turn up in an episode of Two and a Half Men, or Röyksopp will be announced as Jay Leno’s new house band. You can check out the Idol cast’s take on the Lykke Li song after the jump.

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Idol Casts Out Two Contestants, Celebrates Swedish Indie Pop