In Treatment, Mia and April: Model Patients

In Treatment

Week Three: Mia and April
Season 2 Episodes 11 and 12

Finally the obvious is out in the open: Mia was in love with Paul and felt abandoned when he left for Baltimore. Now she’s crushed that Paul was willing to waive his professional ethics for Laura but not for her — Mia’s committed some professional indiscretion herself by reading Laura’s deposition. He lets her test him and proves he can be relied upon as a shrink. We’re not sure if it’s confidentiality or something else that made him take so long to tell her he didn’t sleep with Laura. Her next episode will further explicate how “difficult” the lawyer is with men and address this now-formulaic episode endgame: Mia left Laura’s deposition in Paul’s office.

If Mia’s episode felt like a recap, April’s is full of drama. She bumps up their appointment because she was up all night finishing a project and wants to crash. Really, she wants to kill time until 8, when her architectural model will be overdue; she destroys it. A discussion about falling, death, insanity, obsession, and home brings out April’s doubts about her empathy with her autistic brother, and her reluctance to present her mother with another problem child. She fakes a call to her mother at Paul’s behest. Left behind: that smashed model.

In Treatment, Mia and April: Model Patients