In Treatment, Mia and April: Boundaries Crossed

In Treatment

Week Four: Mia and April
Season 2 Episodes 16 - 17

Two female clients cross Paul’s boundaries in last night’s high-tension episodes. Mia had two one-night stands last week. But it’s all about Paul: She wanted to shock him, and he plays along, insisting such promiscuity is dangerous. Or maybe this is about her ex: He’s leaving his wife for a young receptionist. Or about her father: She’s taking care of him and will never find a man like daddy. Wait, it’s Paul after all: Mia doesn’t have anyone to come home to, just these weekly sessions with Paul. She likes special bonds, whether secrets with married men, or barging into Paul’s apartment with breakfast.

April’s story is getting more grueling — and more compelling. She looks absolutely broken: Her autistic brother, Daniel, tried to kill himself. Again. That news canceled this perpetual caretaker’s long-avoided chemo appointment … but Paul suggests maybe she’s not fighting cancer because survival will mean a lifetime taking care of Daniel. She tries to cut the session short to, as always, help her brother — and faints. Paul makes her call her mother to get her to take care of her son; mom hangs up on her. Distraught, Paul realizes no one else is going to take care of April, so he takes her to chemo.

In Treatment, Mia and April: Boundaries Crossed