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Twilight 3 Director Knows a Thing or Two About Vampires

Director Musical Chairs: Summit has announced that yet some other penis-having dude, David Slade, will direct Eclipse, the third movie in the Twilight trilogy. This time around, main character Bella is approaching graduation as vampires and werewolves continue to square off around her, mysterious killings show up around Seattle, and, worst of all, her relationship with Edward totally hits some snags. Slade directed the insane-looking vampire movie 30 Days of Night, so here’s hoping Eclipse traumatizes a whole generation of tween moviegoers. [HR]

Turtle Power!: Good news: A new live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is on the way, slated for 2011. Bad news: It’s co-produced by Galen Walker, who did that animated TMNT movie nobody saw. Possibly creepy news: The new movie may use face-replacement technology that will allow the turtles’ once beautifully stoic faces to display a variety of expressions. Seriously, though, the original live-action Ninja Turtles movies were totally a seminal part of our childhood, so please, respect their integrity? [Variety]

Paul’s Version: Paul Giamatti will star in indie flick Barney’s Version, based on Mordecai Richler’s last novel. The story follows a reckless protagonist who’s gone through three marriages and is a “person of interest” in the disappearance of a close pal. [Variety]

Cameron Diaz, Attorney at Law: Cameron Diaz is in talks for Warner Bros. legal comedy Bobbie Sue. She’ll play a tough ambulance chaser who is plucked to be the face of a top law firm when one of their big clients is named in a sexual-discrimination case. So it’s kind of like one-half of Trading Places, only it will surely disappoint in its lack of vintage Eddie Murphy. [Variety]

More Crap on TV: Feel good about yourself and your fellow man this morning? You may want to skip ahead — VH1 has announced new program pickups! Along with re-upping Brooke Knows Best, Gotti’s Way 2, and Tool Academy, the network has ordered eight episodes of — wait for it — Sex Rehab With Dr. Drew. Congratulations, America. [HR]

Vegas in NYC: Liberace: The Man, the Music and the Memories is aiming for a Broadway run in the fall. The show, starring Wayland Pickard, simulates one of Liberace’s Vegas showroom performances, and had a 2006 L.A. run and another one earlier this year. In related news, we do not know nearly enough about Liberace to make a jokey reference here. [Variety]

Twilight 3 Director Knows a Thing or Two About Vampires