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Paris Hilton Breaks It Off With Her BFF

“In fact, they haven’t spoken in two months. All that girl wanted was the free trips, the goodie bags, staying at Paris’ mansion and the parties and clubs. She was desperate for money. She was another one of these girls using Paris to get famous. We’ve seen it happen a million times.” —One of Paris Hilton’s friends talks about the reasons behind the split between Paris and Brittany Flickinger, the best friend she made through reality television [Life & Style]

“It’s like Carmen Electra’s, but mine is better. Mine will connect to the ceiling, and you can spin on it and do all that stuff on it.” —Kendra Wilkinson on her new line of stripper poles [Us]

“I think Woody Allen thought I was inventing a bizarre character, but it was actually just myself. I think he said something after the first take like, ‘Now we have the extreme comical version, do one that’s a little bit toned-down.’” —Wallace Shawn on actually being Jeremiah from Manhattan [AV Club]

“I was stimulating the economy.” —Usher on his motivation for partying with Cristal rather than Two Buck Chuck [TMZ]

“(I now realise) that journalists are ambitious and competing with each other inside institutions and that the institutions themselves have to compete with one another to stay afloat.” —Ben Affleck on realizing, via his character in State of Play, that journalism is a real job and that the media is an industry [Contact Music]

“Our mouthiness on wanting to be the biggest and the best band in the world is really just a way of getting people to talk about us.” —Bono on faking U2’s superstardom [Pitchfork]

Paris Hilton Breaks It Off With Her BFF