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Bill Hader’s Mustache Was a Real Diva on the Set of Adventureland

“Bill Hader’s mustache had its own trailer, actually. It was the most difficult person on the set.”—Adventureland director Greg Mottola on the film’s hairiest diva [Cinema Blend]

“I just love making fun music, like Lil Wayne. He’ll do a rock song, and then he’ll do a rap song. I get to choose my own songs. It’s something I love doing.”—Heidi Montag on what she and Lil Wayne have in common [MTV]

“It’s Larry’s own DNA mixed with Woody’s writing. Those are two powerful DNAs mixing.”—Patricia Clarkson on the potency of Woody Allen’s next film [Huffington Post]

“I don’t want to talk about anything specific. Last time I did that it bit my dick off.”—Dan Deacon on the unfortunate risks of oversharing [Ear Farm]

“I love birds and bird noises. I just decided that if I’m going out, I’m going out with a bang. I’m just going to be myself. So I flew the whole time … [The other contestants] said, ‘Meg, if you go tonight, we’re gonna caw for you, we’re gonna support you,’ so I was like, ‘Don’t you forget to caw.’”—Failed American Idol contestant Megan Joy on being a bird [BuzzSugar]

“When I was a kid in the early ’80s, MTV was outlawed in our town. They removed it from our cable option. Yes, for being too obscene and too empowering, really.”—Beth Ditto, lesbian punk designer provocateur, on the apparent effectiveness of censorship [Out]

Bill Hader’s Mustache Was a Real Diva on the Set of Adventureland